Kennedy's NextGen Kids offers core academics with child-centric curriculum that develops 21st century skills and lays a strong foundation for life long learning supported by well qualified, competent and experienced faculty. 
Today's School going children will enter their professional lives in 2030's and will be retiring in 2070's. We have no idea of what the world will look after 50 years, not much even after 15 years; hence we prepare our children with comprehensive learning for life in 21st Century. 


  • CBSE based Integrated Curriculum
  • Multiple Intelligences, HOTS & Blooms Taxonomy
  • Abacus, Art & Craft, French / Spanish Languages
  • Reasoning, Logical thinking, Creativity
  • Tablets, Smart Classes & Mobile Apps
  • Field Trips, Project Works & Assignments
  • Quiz, Spellbee, Elocution, GK, Moral Values (School Cinema)
  • Computers, Funtoot Maths Lab, Wordsworth Language Lab


  • Classical & Western Dance
  • Karate, Music (KeyBoard, Drums)
  • EduSports, X Box, Hoops
  • Fencing, Swimming

School Timings : 9:30Am-3:30pm (Pre Primary)    8:30 am – 4:30 pm (I to VI)


  • AirConditioned Classrooms with Acoustic Ceilings
  • Child friendly Colourful Furniture, Flooring & Corridors
  • Mineral Water Coolers, Lift, Generator, Hygienic Toilets
  • CC Cams Surveillance (KG parents can view Live)

Fee Structure

Admissions: Admission is granted based on the vacancies and it is not denied on the basis of caste, creed, gender etc. Though it's not mandatory, it is recommended that the students take an informal test (takes about 30-60 min) on any day during the office hours, as it serves as a tool to understand the prior knowledge of the student and inform the teachers & parents accordingly. There are no Pass marks in the test and admission is neither granted nor denied based on the performance in that test. Test may be taken even after the admission process is completed. 

Books & Uniform: Cost of Books & Uniform is not included in the above fee. Though, there shall be counters in the month of June for Books & Uniform accessories, it is not mandatory to purchase them at the school except for some study material, flaps, T-shirt etc which may not be available outside. However, there shall be at least 10% discount on most items available at school counter.