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The 1983 book came out to near-immediate critical success, becoming a landmark piece of contemporary Filipino literature. The production is only looking for actors, both male and female, who can sing, dance and portray characters ages 18-30 years old. Apart from Dekada '70, Pat is also the playwright, director, and producer of Mula sa Buwan– a musical adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac now set in World War II Philippines. For details, visit the Dekada ’70 website. Hindi na lang sa nobela at pelikula tampok ang classic na obrang "Dekada Sitenta." “Dekada ’70” is a musical adapted from the novel of the same name by award-winning author Lualhati Bautista. Views Read Edit View history. Dekada '70. In fact, aside from the protests and the depictions of Martial Law atrocities (which should serve as eye-openers for the unaware), one of the most satisfying scenes to watch is Amanda’s cry of “It’s a woman’s world, too!”, a sign of her growth into a more firm, even militant, character. It is then revealed that Evelyn and Gani had buatista separated the day Gani left for the United States. Now on its third run, the musical comes at a most important time as the country continues to face threats to freedom of speech, human rights and its very sovereignty. *Applicants should have a GMAIL EMAIL ACCOUNT to register. The resounding protest, sung by the ensemble along with Jules and Willy, marks the point in the story where things “get serious,” so to speak. Pat Valera’s musical adaptation of the Lualhati Bautista novel “Dekada ’70” tells its audience exactly that, but in all capital letters. 14 at the Doreen Black Box Theater, Arete, Ateneo de Manila University. ELJAY CASTRO DELDOC & JEN DARLENE TORRES (‘Lam-Ang’ An Ethno Epic Musical/Tanghalang Pilipino) PIPO CIFRA (“Summer Solitude”) Tickets to this limited run were made available at 6 p.m. today, November 13. Monologue or scene from any FILIPINO PLAY – MAXIMUM of (2) minutes After having been staged in two limited runs last year, Palanca Award-winning theater artist Pat Valera’s “Dekada ’70 The Musical” is set to make its comeback on March 2020. Straight to your inbox. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Dekada '70 on your desktop or mobile device. 239 Followers. Dekada '70 premiered at the Doreen Black Box Theater in Ateneo de Manila University in September 2018. This is one of my favorite songs from the soundtrack of Dekada '70 Musical! 2. Almost two decades after the film, and almost four after the novel’s publication, the seminal work was adapted in 2018, this time for the stage, as a thesis production by playwright, director and dramaturg Pat Valera. That terrible truth has been sitting in the back of mind for many Filipinos, myself included, but that question too remains unresolved to the point of near hopelessness. Simple ang wikang gamit ni Bautista sa librong ito. It made watching the play’s power dynamics all the more interesting, such as when a solitary Amanda would sit in Julian’s chair and reflect on her role, or the key scene when a livid Julian topples his own chair as Amanda coldly begins to assert herself. Experience the glamour of Kampong Glam. Applicants should indicate the date of their auditions in the email. Dekada ’70, the musical adaptation of Lualhati Bautista’s novel, returns MARCH 2020.” The musical will be helmed by Palanca Award-winner Pat Valera, who directed the production’s first run at the University of the Philippines Dulaang Laboratoryo (Theater Laboratory) in 2018. This precinct has its roots in the Malay word Gelam or the Gelam tree, the bark of which was historically used to make awnings and sails by the orang laut (indigenous sea nomads and some of the earliest settlers) back in the day.. Kampong Glam is the heritage Arab/Muslim quarter of Singapore and home to the imposing Masjid Sultan, or the … The 1983 book came out to near-immediate critical success, becoming a landmark piece of contemporary Filipino literature. With its code-switching Taglish and casual, narrative tone, it gave readers a look into national issues of the time, framed by snapshots of life for Filipinos—and Filipinas, too.

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