ashes of love ending explained

He is taking orders from Lord Nan Ping but is afraid to say so. The book didn’t say anything about XF’s thumb. They are surrounded by King Gu Cheng’s men. Refer to the discus… The person who can create flowers is JM because she’s the daughter of the previous Flower Deity. Lian Chao infuses all the memories of his past with Tu Yao into the colors vision pearl and asks Jin Mi to give it to her. Is this Heaven’s will? The Emperor orders the Empress to be imprisoned. The Emperor is hesitant but agrees when the Empress offers to do the dirty job. Jin Mi dreams of what love is after getting drunk with Qiang Huo who is not agreeable to Jin Mi’s close relationship with King Yi and wants them to quickly return to the tribe. The woman in the painting is Su Li who is from the water tribe while Run Yu is a dragon that practices the water spell. Xu Feng asks Chief Peony not to blame Jin Mi as he is the one who took her away from Floral Realm and caused the misunderstanding. A person will meet 2 people in his/her life: the one who stays in the heart is the one he/she loves, and the person who stays far away from the heart (ie not in the heart) is the one he/she does not love. This caused Run Yu immense sufferings because she had to hide his identity as a water dragon. As Run Yu tells Kuang Lu his childhood pain, he recalls that he was not abandoned by his mother after all. They end up spending the night together. He warns Xu Feng that his love for Jin Mi is hopeless as the Empress would never agree due to past history. Xu Feng saves King Bian Cheng, Liu Ying, and Mu Ci. Being pushed to a corner by Run Yu, Xu Feng decides to become a demon. Sui He is miserable and throwing tantrums that her engagement with King Yi has been cancelled because of Pu Chi. Jin Mi could see King Yi’s heartache when she reverts to her immortal form. So, she asks Mu Ci to get the enemy state to launch a war and get King Yi away from the palace. As Xu Feng cries, a tear falls and Jin Mi appears. Right now, I’ll summarize the drama. His father’s plan is not to seek justice but to ensure both the Kings counter each other to prevent any one from becoming too strong. In the end, they learn that King Yan Cheng has been poisoned by a special type of grass which has been arranged by King Gu Cheng. JM was looking at XF, the person in her heart. He knows his feelings for her are forbidden. He recalls experiences with her that break his heart. In return, she gives him the colors vision of her eyesight because Lian Chao is color blind. The time and place of the meeting coincides with his death. He then orders his subordinate to investigate what happened to Zi Fen and the identity of Su Li. Chief Peony appears to take back Jin Mi. Xu Feng visits Run Yu but is unwilling to be the Emperor. JM kisses his eye where she lived for 3 years. She didn’t have a body and needed a host and XF was closest, so I guess that’s why JM became a tear in his eye. You won’t die. He has taken his revenge and seems to have everything but at the same time, nothing. He doesn’t want to listen to her explanation about the Yun Elixir. This production has one of the highest views for mainland dramas. He suggests that King Yan Cheng’s 2 useless princes be tasked with carrying the sacred dagger. The Water Immortal is uneasy after seeing Jin Mi at the banquet. But Run Yu has helped Jin Mi to escape and hides her in his palace. Their relationship improves and Xu Feng is still willing to call Run Yu as brother. The three of them talk about what they’ll eat. Que paso con el Sr puchi y el tío casamentero?? Or the relationship between Star Lord and his foster father. But as she rejects Xu Feng, her heart is aching again. XF remembers while looking at the pictures JM drew. Sui He is angry that Chief Peony has wrongly accused her tribe. He looks for Jin Mi everywhere. This drama has a number of heart wrenching scenes, I still cry when I re-watch. It is Lian Chao’s choice to die because of his love for Tu Yao. He colludes with the state’s enemy to get them to start a war to force King Yi into battle. Mu Ci and Liu Ying are back together. He was unconscious for a few years. After the wedding ceremony, Jin Mi begs Xu Feng to take the Pengyu plant as it is a debt she owes him. However, she still rejects his advances due to her obligation to her tribe rules to stay chaste. The antidote would be the rare Pengyu plant which can be found in Floral Realm. In anger, Run Yu summons his powers to fight back. In other words, everyone is just a pawn to the Emperor. Run Yu remains as Emperor.,,,,, Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 63 Final Summary, Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 17 Summary. She forced her to jump to her death at Lin Yuan Terrace. The former Empress is locked up in the terrace where Zi Fen jumped to her death. Liao Yuan also reports back to Xu Feng when he sees Jin Mi meeting the Empress. I have a doubt about one of the last scenes when Runyu visit Jinmi’s son and then he leaves, when she said that in life you met 2 people, one will live in your heart and the other far away. The innocent Zi Fen fell in love with Tai Wei who wooed her with his charms back then. Xu Feng goes to see the teacher for some pointers of where Jin Mi might be. Both of them have a history with Zi Fen. Kuang Lu and his deer remain with him. He is also angry at Jin Mi for killing his nephew. Qiong Qi is sent to the Heavenly Realm to attack Jin Mi. Episode 9 – 11 : Escaping From Floral Realm, Episode 20 – 25 : Meeting In The Mortal Realm, Episode 26 – 28 : Neutralizing Lord Nan Ping, Episode 34 – 36 : Back To The Heavenly Realm, Episode 57 – 59 : Run Yu’s Manipulation Exposed. Run Yu asks Pu Chi about the Immortality Destructing Arrow and why the Rat Immortal had taken the blame for him. I have my own of thoughts on this production which I will detail in my Ashes Of Love review. LY gets to name it. Liu Ying learns that Mu Ci is working for the Empress when she sees him meeting up with Sui He. XF and RY couldn’t get to her in time, so XF threw the Phoenix Feather at her. But at the same time, he couldn’t let her go and wants to start over with her. In the end, Qiong Qi is successfully contained but King Yan Cheng’s 2 sons are severely injured. He tells Run Yu that he has no interest in being the Emperor but Run Yu reminds him that he has no control over the decision. Jin Mi then confronts the former Empress and tells her that she had killed Xu Feng to avenge her father’s death. When Run Yu comments on it, she gives him a grapevine hairpin as a friendly gesture. But then Lian Chao is sent to war with the Demon Realm. Ashes is such a lovely story and Deng Lun and Yangxi were spot on perfect for the roles. She gives him the clue that Jin Mi is not a lowly sprite that everyone thinks she is and Jin Mi is someone he absolutely cannot have. I didn’t know you’d still do the recaps!! After a month in the mountains, King Yi returns to the palace. For example the extreme important of biological ties. After leaving the lake, Run Yu shares with Kuang Lu his vague memories of his childhood while Su Li recounts her story to Pu Chi. Her heart begins to beat very fast when he comes near her. Pu Chi and the Moon Immortal are planning to sabotage Xu Feng and Siu He’s wedding by hitting her unconscious. She manages to get the elixir but comes out of the prison to a waiting Sui He. He escaped when Jin Mi summoned him. XF: Is it really you? Watch full episodes of Ashes of Love with subtitles. The wedding part in the drama is pretty much like how it was in the book. Ashes Lyrics: What's left to say? Lord Nan Ping is not happy to see his daughter getting hurt over King Yi. Xu Feng and Liu Ying try to look for Mu Ci but they still couldn’t find him. Just a note, but in ep56 after XF proposed to SH after using JM’s gift (which was part of herself to be able to create the beautiful flowers in the demon land), XF returned the gift to JM, and the gift reverted back to one of her true form petals. My thinking is about if JM actually became inmortal after her reincarnation, I read your explanation in one of the first comments, but in the series their son says that his father married his mother and 2 years later he was born, and since that it has been 7 years…. Jin Mi is bored as both Xu Feng and Run Yu are attending the Heavenly Empress’ birthday banquet. Here's a breakdown of The Greatest Showman's ending and how the story of P.T. Our family of three lives peacefully and happily in the Human Realm. But Mu Ci is unwilling to accept her back. He reclaims the glass fire spell from her but orders her not to be killed if she turns over a new leaf. But if Run Yu insists, then she too wants a reward for their effort and that is for him to hand in Jin Mi for being the killer. So, I finally dedicated some time to sit through it and the drama recap is as below. Episode 36 Xu Feng is the second son of the Heavenly Emperor and Empress. At JM and XF’s house in the Human Ream. Su Li had to hide Run Yu from being discovered by the Empress. Xu Feng’s feelings for Jin Mi is getting stronger. If I have time, I’ll edit the summaries into detailed recaps. Run Yu pleads to the Emperor to intervene but he declines. Pu Chi takes the opportunity to trick them with a fake arrow and gets away with the real one. With the Empress’ birthday just around the corner, the Emperor personally invites the Water Immortal, Luo Lin, and his wife, Lin Xiu, to attend the birthday banquet. However, Jin Mi is protected by the pill implanted by her mother although it is starting to crack from the blow. RY: I’ve got my revenge. There are a lot of nuances in Chinese dramas. She also feels strangely pained when she sees Sui He kissing an unconscious Xu Feng after taking a blow to protect his mother. The Emperor is not ready to kill Qiong Qi as he wants to make use of him in the future. Xu Feng promises Chief Peony that he will not meet Jin Mi again and tells Run Yu that the 3 of them are half-siblings. King Bian Cheng tells Liu Ying that he has been quietly helping Sui He to look after Xu Feng to discourage her from cooperating with King Gu Cheng. But Xu Feng can’t bear to open it.

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