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48 days 23 hours ago "I'm starting to think I should have picked up an Xbox instead of the PS3" 16 days 23 hours ago "I think I bet on the wrong horse" Velvet who? I mean that was Sony's answer to Halo right? Em 1945, aos 23 anos, Violette Szabo foi aprisionada pelo exército nazista, torturada e assassinada. Next? They have their exclusive stealth game now, while PS3 owners have had theirs for a few months now. Legendary isn't off to a great start though. I'll pass! game looks like sh1t. R$ 8, 36. Velvet Assassin was originally set to release under the title 'Sabotage' however during development, news of another game The Saboteur from Electronic Arts was set to be released after Sabotage. Just saying. I know with the 360 I will be getting top notch third party support as well as a solid first party line-up. Velvet Assassin é um jogo de espionagem disponível para compra via Steam, para sisitemas Windows e Mac OS. But now it's "SONY PROGRAMMED ME TO INSULT BECAUSE ITS NOT ON PS3 CUS IT COULDNT HANDLE IT :((( IM A PSLAVE! Velvet Assassin adiado para 2009 Tempo extra para melhorias. LOL" Pathetic ;D. You honestly think PS3 owners care about this game? Velvet Assassin Inspired by the fascinating story and unbreakable spirit of British secret agent Violette Szabo, players take control of Violette Summer, a beautiful World War II spy deep behind enemy lines with no support or official backing from the British Government. No they wont because even if the ps3 ever gets worth buying we will get one at about a third the price you paid for yours. Yeah and I was interested in a new ''Splinter Cell'' after the fiasco of double agent. Sabatour looks awesome, The Agency looks awesome, Uncharted 2 I'm sure will be killer, same with Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 but I'm jsut getting sick of waiting. I mean it did sell over a million right...?? Violette's Dream was an interactive experience produced to promote Velvet Assassin. Usado. MY @SS!!!] 12x . it doesn't matter, i smell flopage anyway.. AND WHEN ALL THE DELAYS ARE DONE PS3 OWNERS WILL BE THE ONES LAUGHING RIGHT?!?! Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online. About Save: The game done 100%, Agent Are you interested in finding more information about Save Game World? I'm all for a new stealth action game, but this one won't make the cut. Velvet Assassin Summary : Inspired by the fascinating story and unbreakable spirit of British secret agent Violette Szabo, players take control of … R$ 690. em. Em 1945, aos 23 anos, Violette Szabo foi aprisionada pelo exército nazista, torturada e assassinada. Sorry this game will not enjoy good sales as there are a large number of multi-platform owners out there who are smart enough not to buy crap. Like stated above me 360 is a poor mans PC. ;-D +HOME +FREE internet Play!!! We have 1 or 2 people that are hardcore spammers with multiple accounts, but you xbots are all over the damn place. Entre e conheça as nossas incriveis ofertas. R$ 116, 99. em. • I first saw a gameplay demo for Velvet Assassin at NY Comic Con, and it looked pretty nifty, so I ended up grabbing it when it came out. Velvet Assassin tells the tale of Violette Summer, an intelligence agent working for the British government during Worl War II and number one on the Nazi list of most-wanted. Como um jogo de ação furtiva, há defeitos que facilmente causam a decepção e o desprezo. • Velvet Assassin de fora da PS3 Produtora confirma. I would much rather developers focus on 360 hardware and get the best possible results with it anyway. Gamecock is also putting out Legendary. Maybe its you than that is Lazy since you don't have the money to give them... And to everyone that is downplaying this - Less games on a console = less options = smaller library = smaller install base = 3rd place. Killzone 2, Infamous, God of War 3, M.A.G., Wardevil, Heavy Rain and other unannounced PS3 exclusives will do me just fine in 2009. Velvet Assassin: Stealth Edition [Beta] May 31 2018 Full Version 1 comment. I bought a console that has been doing nothing but losing games or DLC. Doubt any PS3 owner is bothered seeming as SONY has a nice selection of exclusives heading our way. Or to PS3 later.360 has no REAL exclusives. +LOADS MORE GOOD STUFF!!! I realize it is hard as a first time publisher to land the high end development companies, but what they have put out hasn't done too well or received much reviewwise. Oh well, hopefully Sony will get it together and try to save whats left to save in their gaming division. They have stated that the extra time put in is well worth it due to the increased performance for the applications they are writing. Assassin's Creed Legendary Collection - Cartão 25 Dígitos. How was Killzone 1? Velvet Assassin is a stealth title that places players in the heart of Nazi-occupied Europe. Apesar da personagem ser fictícia, ela foi baseada numa heroína real, cujo nome era Violette Szabo. ;-D ;-D ;-D. Awesome! Em 1945, aos 23 anos, Violette Szabo foi aprisionada pelo exército nazista, torturada e assassinada. It don't matter i got ALL these to play now and soon - PS3 ONLY Games - MGS4, LBP, WipeOut:HD(STUNNING Game!!! no matter how you say it sony turds you're getting screwed but if you're going to get screwed in the butt might as well enjoy it and let everyone know how much you do. 12x . Yeah for sure and I agree that Saboteur looks good as well :). I have a 360.And there is No way in hell im buying this. games in 360 nowadays are either ... (a) developed by non-talented developers thus an epic crap (b) by talented developers that were limited by an underpowered console thus an epic crap (c) deceived by the usefulness of unreal engine 3 thus making their games epic crap the game in question falls under category A. Cloudflare Ray ID: 6160e1b76fb72780 "Sony Slave" Pfff What does that make you then? Are you willing to pony up the money so that they can spend it on the development time to get the game on the PS3? Once it was a looking forward to game now it's just a generic piece... whatever I'm still going to be playing this when it comes out. It looks like this will be the closest 360 owners will get to MGS on 360, so there it is! It seems like it's kind of a niche game, as the scores in reviews so far are a bit mediocre, but if you enjoy stealth games, or World War II games that aren't First Person Shooters, you'll probably enjoy Velvet Assassin. Velvet Assassin - PlayStation 3 - Prévia - UOL Jogos - 01/09/2008 If necessary, add {} after the link to keep me from modifying it. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. The Stealth Edition is an attempt to focus on a more slow, traditional approach to stealth. And yeah like the above says, install base clearly doesn't equal software sales. R$ 11, 11. When the game begins, Violette is seen from above, lying in a hospital bed. They can keep their game. Up until right now,i didn't even know this existed Killzone 2 owns this.GOW 3 owns this.Uncharted 2 owns this.Heavy rain owns this.Any one of the 20+ PS3 exclusive in 09 owns this. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. and now the game sucks... well played guys. I never heard of it either, but since the word "exclusive" entered the picture. The story/graphics look pretty good. R$ 87, 99. em. And if you were waiting for this game, you've got bigger issues than choosing the "right" console. Never heard of this developer before so if the game turns out crap thats another developer with rubbish games only on the XFLOP. Im just sad I wont be enjoying it on my PS3. If you can Please Bubble up PS3 Fans + Press Agree on their Comment;) You will make the real Sir Ken Happy!!! Too many games is the excuse now....I feel sorry for you guys. Colecao Assassins Creed Ps3 - Impecáveis - Originais 5 Jogos. That PS3 owners will not see this game, but I think I will have to still check it out. ...true some of their games are intriguing at first (Legendary).... but flop come release day...... from the looks of things, Velvet Assasin shouldn't be any different if however Gamecock prove me wrong, i shall look forward to enjoying the superior version of this title on PC, have you seen KZ2???? It’s part of NewsBoiler, a network of social news sites covering today’s pop culture. Nobody cares.And like every game on 360 it's either going to PC. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Apesar de a personagem ser fictícia, é baseada numa heroína real, cujo nome era Violette Szabo. I think we all can agree there are far to many of them already. Infiltrate a Nazi camp and slip … Gamecock needs to make a name for itself other than the current joke they are of the publishing industry. It must really suck owning a 360.I mean,it's basically a poor man's PC.Must suck not being able to afford a decent PC. I don't know any game they made that's worth buying. Fury was the name of the game and it was on the P.C., lets look at the reviews: GameSpy 2.5/5 GameSpot 4.5/10 IGN 6.5/10 Game Informer 5/10 Eurogamer 3/10 GameZone 4.6/10 PALGN AU 7/10 NZGamer 5/10 4/10 Cheat Code Central 3.1/5 PCGamer 61/100 LOL, after looking at those review scores from a previous game published by Gamecock, I'm almost glad this game isn't coming to the PS3. I mean I would like to think I am well read and keep abreast of upcoming titles but this one wasn't even on my radar. Developed and published by Replay Studios, SouthPeak Games. Os códigos são inseridos de forma um pouco diferente neste jogo. I think you are. Velvet Assassin Part 1 Full game Walktrought Gameplay XBOX 360 PS 3 PC Прохождение Velvet Assassin It has some potential from what I have seen. Meh, I haven't even heard about this game, so it's hard for me to even care. You want to talk about people hating games not on there console? Not to mention if they named it Velvet Assassin its soooo going to suck. "Funny to see haters pile up when its not on their console" You know what? that has never heard of this game until now? Speaking with, a Gamecock representative confirmed that Replay Studios is not developing a PS3 version of Velvet Assassin. Well it's their loss. @die_fiend It isn't that the PS3 is hard to develop for it's the devs being lazy. A f*ckin Xbot. only die-hard xbots will blindly buy this crap as there are no games worth playing on the 360 anymore. TheDuke, it's okay that you backed the wrong horse because now with the 360 price-cuts you can Jump In at a very reasonable price. +Built-in Blu-ray Player!!! I own both, I wish all devs would share the love for all consoles. Much like how Ubisoft didn't develop No More Heroes they just brought it to the US. Whatever. ;-P p.s PS3 Fans there are a lot of xBots on this site putting a lot of Negative PS3 News on this the last few days(Er i.e More than usual!!!) It's kind of like MGS! PowerofGreenBoogers? Apesar de a personagem ser fictícia, é baseada numa heroína real, cujo nome era Violette Szabo. YES IT IS! and Velvet Assassin use an own Launcher to change Graphic Details and and and.. That means the Steam Overlay will injected in the Launcher. Yeah, I am still looking forward to the title. Removing PS3 from platform list. opinion doesn't count. As mentioned, Velvet Assassin is unlikely to win any awards, but if the stealth section of your shelf o' games is a bit empty these days, this one will fill your slot nicely. It was released on January 29, 2013. ), Uncharted, Resistance 2, KillZone 2, MAG, God Of War 3, GT5, MotorStorm 2:Pacific Rift, White Knight Chronicles, GT5:Prologue, WarHawk, Uncharted 2, MotorStorm(NO racer on the xBox 360 looks and plays as good as this still??? I don't know why people got it in their head that this game would be any good (nor have I heard the least bit of excitement for it, so I kind of think you're just saying that). Through third person game play, sneak up on enemies and pull the pins from their belted grenades. This contains a variety of gameplay changes to the base game. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, achievements, and secrets for Velvet Assassin for Xbox 360.

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