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This commander could be a third culture. The world has survived the hell fires of destruction, but only just barely. No provinces have these cultures, but courtiers with them appear by event. The guardian must be a ruler or in a court with the same culture. Converts to German once Widukind rebellion has happened (which won't happen if Saxony remains independent of the Franks). Thus, it is near impossible to spread any culture to islands with this event, as they cannot possibly border a county of your culture unless it was present at game start. Graphical horses can also receive a random event where they follow a prophecy to climb a mountain, potentially giving them a powerful permanent modifier or artifact. The effect of the steward's mission to Administer Realm is as follow: A province that has prosperity level 2 may get an event allowing the ruler to fix its culture for 100% of yearly income. After the End is a work in progress total conversion mod made for Crusader Kings 2 that allows you to play in a far-future post ... cultures, governments and ... CK2 After the End 0.9 - … (Tripled if the ruler is a count) AI rulers do not send their stewards on this mission. Fortunately, generic ones are always a solid backup choice. Your comment will be anonymous unless you join the community. This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. Prioritize same culture-group over different culture groups. After the End Fanfork. Poor pursuit though. Doesn't work. (Doubled if the ruler is not independent) The optimal MTTH of the event is 13.9471 years. If a guardian owns land or has the same culture as his liege, he has a decent chance to change his ward's culture. Norse splits into several cultures starting in 950. Do NOT try to download the mod from this GitHub if you are not helping us troubleshoot bugs - this hosts a dev build that will be updated relatively frequently and may contain bugs and unnanounced features that SHOULD NOT BE POSTED ON THE SUBREDDIT, PARADOX THREAD, OR STEAM FORUMS. Play anywhere in North America, the Caribbean, or the northern coast of South America in the year 2666, centuries after a cataclysmic Event knocked human civilization back to the medieval era. Perhaps the most essential Crusader Kings 2 mod available for those after a challenge – CK2+ changes host of things about the base game with the aim of “deepening the CK2 experience”. Camel cavalry unit is in unique strategic position as it is excluded from most terrain effects. Description: A fanmade continuation of the original post-apocalyptic North America mod for Crusader Kings 2. culture 140 swedish. In early starts, most of Scandinavia is Norse. This has many uses! After the End is still very early on in its development, but there's already lot to be excited about. Welcome to Crusader Kings 2: After the End mod. Can flip to English in the region of England, Tibetan LI+LC retinue guarantees Raid tactic, "culture " - Changes the culture of the targeted character (use the, "event 55000 " - Will convert the province's culture to the culture of the county's owner. This project is a successor of the CK2 to EU4 converter project. The province must be the ruler's crown focus province. Assign high-stewardship characters of your culture as counts on the edge of your culture. MTTH halved for all 3 cultures if province owner is Dutch. Frankish, Saxon or Frisian provinces in de jure Frisia flip to Dutch, Created by event if Norse ruler controls Frankish, Occitan or Breton province. To compensate, tribal rulers can assign their steward to the "settle tribe" job, one of the easier ways to change the culture of a province. It can however be inferred from the "-20: Foreign Conqueror" opinion from native vassals toward any liege of the conquest culture. ck2 optimal retinue provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. They are MUCH more common in 769, however. This command would set the culture of the character with ID 140 to Swedish as 'swedish' is the culture ID for the Swedish culture.. culture 103345 saxon. Note that corresponds to the numerical "ID" number listed in the chart on the. This is prevented if top liege is Norse emperor or multi-king or if religious head is Norse. After the End: A Post-Apocalyptic America Mod is a Game Mod for Crusader Kings II, set in North America.In the far-distant future, centuries after the general collapse of society, the people of the North American continent have begun to rebuild their disconnected societies into … Six new devil worshipping societies have been added, Secret religions and secret religious cults have been added for all religions, Gave Mormons the ability to go on crusade, Extra Empires has been incorporated into the base mod, de jure makeup and names have been adjusted. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. Eh, skip it. Gets free shipyards by event in year 800. "event 55001 " - Brings in settlers. Feudal and republican rulers get no penalties if they hold tribes in same-culture provinces. With Rajas of India, rulers have a decision to convert to the culture of their capital province. While controlling depopulation is a little more tricky as it equals managing epidemics spreads, it gives an equally powerful reward. Graphical horses have a special option in the spouse horse gift event, which makes their spouse their lover. Blind characters cannot inherit. Some cultures also unlock special events, decisions, government types or succession and gender laws. Fully compatible with CK2 Patch 2.8.1 and the Jade Dragon DLC. Collection of bugfixes and minor adjustments. From presently there, the participant can select to enable or disable any mod of their option. Play anywhere in North America, the Caribbean, or the northern coast of South America in the year 2666, centuries after a cataclysmic Event knocked human civilization back to the medieval era. After the End Fanfork is a Crusader Kings 2 Mod based on the now discontinued mod "After the End". There are unit types, and there are 2 types of cultural bonuses that can apply to unit types: (1) Cultural retinue bonus that applies to specific retinue armies when raised, which is based on ruler's culture at the time the retinue are raised. Some cultures name realms after dynasties. Mongol, Khitan and Jurchen (Horde cultures) are restricted to Agnatic succession. There are a couple of console commands that can help to force culture change:, Converts to Italian if in de jure Italy, Sicily, or Sardinia and Corsica, Converts to Portuguese if in de jure Galicia or Portugal and owner is non-Muslim. Mod of the Week: After the End, for Crusader Kings II. Every character will be born with the culture of their father if born from a patrilineal marriage or a concubine, or their mother if born from matrilineal marriage or out of wedlock. MTTH reduced to 30% of original time if province owner is Latin culture group. Added devil worshippingAdded secret religions and secret religious cultsAdded new melting pot cultures - New English, Carpetbagger, Yanquito, and NuyoricanAdded new Gallomerican culture - OntaroisOverseas merchan events expanded to incorporate more overseas culturesRe-enabled traveling eunuch mercant event from vanilla - can now give the player eunuch with overseas culturesAdded new overseas cultures - Baiano, Gaucho, and WladfaegRenamed "Old World" culture group to "Britannic"Renamed Portuguese culture group to "Portugues" (with accent)Renamed Brazilian culture to "Brasileiro"Re-enabled cultural empires for many overseas culturesFixed bugs with Wastelander cultureExpanded Hong Konger name listCree culture is now in the Plains groupAdded several new characters and descriptions to the bookmark screenAdded new old world artifacts - Old World Shades and Old World CompassFaustian events now give you actual artifacts as a rewardWeeping statue artifact now uses the proper imageAdded new image for Old World Money artifactMonster events now only fire if the province owner is 16 or olderFixed bugs with appointment successionFixed bugs with carousingAdded new retinues for British, Wladfaeg, Baiano, and Brasileiro culturesAdded new histories for c_st_louis and k_papal_stateAdded new merc company - Zoologocial Society of ClevelandAdded Hinduism to GuyanaAdded new overseas religion for Russians - Nousthreskeia (Pacific)Fixed bug with pilgramagesAdded Portuguese names for several titles in Central and South AmericaFixed characters with the name "ERROR" in British ColumbiaCultural empires now require 150 holdings to formRuina Imperii - cultural empires will now collapse if they go under 100 holdings.

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