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Jacob and the Island gave Ben a tumor because he does things for his own personal gain and not the benefit of the Island. misanthrope86 and jlhfan624 like this . It was also the most effective way to discipline the leader - if their people were dying, and it was their fault, what wouldn't they do to help them? In addition to whatever meaning "changing the rules" has for the story, it also is a production reference used as a joke - the producers had claimed in an interview that all flashforwards will be shown in chronological order. 4x12. While everyone else fled, Jack and Kate manage to kill the Smoke Monster at last, and Ben chose to stay behind to help Hurley, the new protector of the Island, run things as his "number 2". Ben Linus in the episode "Everybody Loves Hugo" (6x11) screencap. Archived. When Ben is young, he and his father move to the Island, after Roger is offered a job working for the Dharma Initiative. After arriving at a hidden temple populated by a separate group of Others, Ben finds Sayid after he killed two of their leaders, and manages to survive the Smoke Monster's subsequent assault on the temple. These are the rules of time-travel and course-correction, When looking at a character, especially one as dynamic and deep as, Annie's death is the final straw that causes Ben to really join the Hostiles/Others, and start the, Investigating the pregnancy issues is one of the major goals of the, He believed that the two men he had previously sent to infiltrate them had failed, and so it was his responsibility, as leader, to do the job himself. Ben feared that the people from the freighter Naomi came from were intending to do evil things, so he went off to try and convince Jack to not call the freighter with Naomi's satellite phone. He is interrogated by multiple characters and mentions to Sayid Jarrah that he buried "his wife" at the place where "his" hot-air balloon crashed. Then, Ben takes Locke to the grave of all who worked for the DHARMA Initiative and shoots Locke, leaving him to die in the grave with all the skeletons. "; Ben, enraged, stabs Jacob twice and steps away while "Locke" kicks Jacob's body into a burning fire to be incinerated. Leung was the only actor to read for the part. Ben Linus BEST Quotes!!! Martin Keamy held Alex at gunpoint and said that he would kill her… ; Badass Bookworm: Ben might be slight of build, but he's fast and highly skilled.Plays up the bookworm part of … The question is somewhat irrelevant given that every main character seems to have some massive flaw. After entering the survivors' camp as a prisoner under the name Henry Gale, Ben was kidnapped by the survivors and locked in an empty gun locker at "the Swan" DHARMA station. It's likely it can be remotely triggered from the Flame and that, when Ben was alone in the computer room, that he waited for the counter to tick down to zero and then gave Mikhail the signal through the camera we know to be in there to lift the lockdown. This failed, as Charlie got in contact with Desmond's former lover Penelope "Penny" Widmore and found out that the freighter wasn't hers. Ben Linus: [to the Smoke Monster] I'll be outside. Some time later, Locke leads the Others and Ilyana's group across to the Island, seeking to find Jacob and hopefully figure out the true reason behind everything that he's done to them since their arrival on the Island (and even before). Full Name Il y a 9 années. Trying to make good on his promise, Ben finds Desmond with Widmore's daughter Penny and tries to shoot her dead, but Desmond fends him off. Wiki User Answered . Ben Linus: How many times do I have to tell you, John? screencaps. He blows a hole in the other side of the Vault, climbs into it and enters a frozen room with a giant spinning wheel. John Locke later came to the Others' camp to rescue Jack and took Alex hostage so that Ben would allow it. Ben will never move on. All of the people in the church at the end had lived fruitful lives, and even those like Sayid who had killed were deemed to be "ready." After killing Jacob and learning all about Nemesis he still seeks to try turn the situation to his advantage. Ben Linus: [to the Smoke Monster] I'll be outside. Ben would then proceed to get Mikhail to go down to a DHARMA station called the "Looking Glass" and prevent the signal emitting from it to be disabled by Charlie Pace and Desmond Hume. Jack, Desmond and the Monster went to the Heart, where Desmond unplugged the "core" stone within, causing the Island to start falling apart. He did so and Ben took the prisoners away to prison cells. 100% Upvoted. … Ben Linus:This gentlemen and I are taking a boat. benjamin linus. It's also possible that Richard, knowing they were time travelers, raised Ben in the knowledge that they would someday come back, and that he had to be ready for that day. Benjamin Linus. This idea is supported by the fact that, when, Everything about what happened was too clean and perfect to have been anything other than one of Ben's plans - he knew what would happen, and even if certain aspects were unplanned mistakes, such as the survivors finding Gale's body and Ben not accounting for the note in his pocket, most if it was planned from the beginning. Henry GaleDean Moriarty At the Orchid, Ben told Locke instructions on what to do, since it was now time for Ben to trick Keamy into his own death. I always have a plan. 16. of 20. Eventually, he manages to bring all of the Oceanic Six to a pier to discuss the Island, and he reveals that he sent the strangers to Kate's house. Inside the statue, meanwhile, Ben stands face-to-face with Jacob, dressed in white and surrounded by tapestries that he made. LOST – The Many Evils Of Ben Linus. Ben develops a hatred for the Dharma Initiative and one d… He takes everyone to the elderly Hawkins, who is from the Island. As Ben begins to confront the man he has become, he must determine this stranger’s true intentions—just as she fights to earn his trust. Gainey). Ben himself manages to convince Sayid to bring down Charles Widmore's vast empire, which leads him to Hurley at the mental institution he was sent to. icono of Ben in 'Live Together, Die Alone' for fans of Benjamin Linus 29799179 Despite some resistance, Ben manages to convince everyone to board a plane called Ajira Airways 316, piloted by Frank Lapidus. ... We're all gonna die. The whole reason that "Locke" brought Ben out here was to have him kill Jacob, as he can't do it himself. what they died for. The Monster took Desmond out of a well he'd thrown him in and goes with Ben to the Heart of the Island, where they were intercepted by Jack and Kate. season 4. episode 13. See Answer. In 2004, Ben developed cancer, but the crash of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 brought a surgeon, Jack Shephard. Benjamin Linus is a recurring character from the TV series Lost. 3x20. What follows is a recap of LOST Season 6, Episode 7: “Dr. Ben Linus in the series epilogue, "The New Man in Charge" screencap. A mercenary from the freighter known as the Kahana named Martin Keamy arrives on the Island with several other mercenaries, sent by Widmore to kill Ben and destroy the Island. Ben tells Jacob that all of the bad things that he has done in his life was to win Jacob's favor, but even though he did everything he asked, Jacob never showed himself; he confesses that he killed Locke because he was jealous of him for being favored by Jacob (like Moses, as Ben put it). There, the monster judged him for Alex's death, telling him to obey Locke's every command. While the Monster recruits more of the temple's population, Ben goes with Ilyana and Miles, and Miles reads Jacob's last thoughts and learns that Ben is his killer. Ben WILL move on. live together die alone. Now that this was supposedly done, Ben told Kate and Sayid to leave the Island now on the helicopter, then goes back to the Orchid. the man behind the curtain. Ben refuses, and the lead mercenary, Keamy, executes Alex with one gunshot to the head. the 1970s. Just as Michael is not able to move on yet because he has not fully atoned for his sins, Ben can't for similiar reasons. report . (Podcast) (\"The Man Behind t… one of them. 4x12. Never fully explained. However, this was because Jacob could turn invisible. added by katiemariie. 2. Ben Linus in the episode "There's No Place Like Home: Part 2" (4x13) screencap. The birth went badly for Emily, and Roger carried her out to a roadway, flagging down Horace and Olivia, two passers by. After last season's sci-fi heavy focus, Lindelof and Cuse have managed to find the perfect mix between character, action and science fiction. posted by Lesly1133. Ben Linus BEST Quotes!!! He goes on to state it is because "You're mine." Jacob appears to the survivors of the submarine explosion and tells them what they were chosen for, while Ben joins forces with Locke as they both have a final showdown with Charles Widmore. Jacob and the Island gave Ben a tumor because he does things for his own personal gain and not the benefit of the Island. 2. Hawkins explains how the Island's disappearance happened, and how they must go back to save everyone that was left behind there. season 6. episode 11. In season 5, he came back dejected, and I think that part of the reason he was dejected was because he murdered John Locke. 1. Identity Theft. They drive away in a van with it, later stashing it in a hotel room. To do so, Ben and Locke, accompanied by Hurley, go to a DHARMA station called the Orchid, which had access to a wheel they could turn to move the Island. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: This is exactly what he wants. Take Care Of People. " Meanwhile, in the "flash-sideways" timeline, Ben was portrayed as a teacher of European history at a school run by a man who doesn't care much for it. Later, we learned that Roger was killed when Ben gassed him while the hostiles gassed the rest of Dharma (Ep: 3x20, The Man Behind the Curtain). He also wanted Ben Linus, who was ostensibly the leader of the Others at that time. I am asking because I am looking at some code which is presumably working with NPTL but I can see that it It's possible that he remembered all the events, but that the faces of the people in his memories were blurry and foggy, and the details of their names and lives difficult to place, though he possibly remembered smaller features, such as feelings, voices, and smells. Ben Linus in the episode "One of Us" (3x16) 16395046. Some time afterwards, Ben, still feeling horrible for Alex's death, goes to a cave to confront the Smoke Monster, and waited to be judged for his many crimes against the Island and the 815ers. Maybe he died in a tragic ballooning accident, but as we saw in ‘Dead is Dead’The Others take a sort of pest-control attitude towards those unfortunate enough to wind up on their island.

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