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The theory that Shanks is in cahoots with the World Government would suggest that him going after Blackbeard pre-story was also an act of aggression against a party deemed a threat to the WG. The first one says that it’s a special ability of the Yami Yami no Mi, which lets him eat a second Devil Fruit. There is a theory that the World Government tried to kill Nefertari Cobra, which is supported by Gorosei's statement that the Nefertari family was a traitor. Recurring elements of this theory include his “Mr. :)First video I mentioned this concept: of Time - The Legend of … Luffy and Zorro already referred to Blackbeard as "They", inferring that there is someone else inside of Blackbeard. 39. Anime, Comics, Manga. January 6, 2020. 398. Is Blackbeard aiming for one of the ancient weapons? Blackbeard theory. So basically in One Piece Oda has a theme where the number 3 seems to show up a lot when looking into Blackbeard. And of course Marshall D. Teach Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Blackbeard is an extremely tall man, being exactly twice Luffy's (pre-timeskip) height. Blackbeard hears the rumor that Shanks got his hands on the Yami Yami no Mi, which is actually the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Let's get right into it. This theory is based on two pure facts that was seen in the anime. This theory will be split into 3 sections: How Blackbeard was able to come up with this methodology. The designs usually reflect the interest of the captain. Mizu Mizu Newspaper: February 2013 Sorry guys! Shiki? Theory Blackbeard Pirates connection to the Rock Pirates. (My actual feelings on that matter are that Sabo will be the one to ultimately fight Akainu if Luffy is going to fight Im and that those fights will likely occur prior to save Vivi while Blackbeard sneaks to Raftel.). Shanks and Blackbeard will not be Enemies but will come to Grand Pirate Alliance way … In some legends Cerberus was known to eat or rip out the souls from his victims. Next Last. Blackbeard Theory. Thanks for watching! They don’t represent good and evil. I just read One Piece Novel A and found out some facts about Bb. (My actual feelings on that matter are that Sabo will be the one to ultimately fight Akainu if Luffy is going to fight Im and that those fights will likely occur prior to save Vivi while Blackbeard sneaks to Raftel.). ___ Enjoy the video? For all of the major Blackbeard and late game theories to be correct doesn’t that mean that Blackbeard has never actually been the great evil of the world? The object referred to by Blackbeard, according to existing speculation, is one of the ancient weapons known to have existed in Alabasta, namely Pluton. We have seen that the DF gets reformed somewhere in the world after the death of its previous user. Shortly after retrieving the Guro Guro no mi and be demanding a warship from the marines, the Blackbeard pirates ran from Akainu cause without a doubt at that time, Akainu would've flushed every single one of them like the piece a sh*t they are. Most characters should be unlike Luffy. We first saw him at Mock Town and i must admit it, i became a fun of him after his speech about pirates and people’s dreams. Seeing Blackbeard's statement that he would get it before the navy, it makes sense that the object in … Formation of Devil’s Fruit after the death of the user. Now i know this theory wil be l bashed however with World Govt opting for Greater cleansing there is good chance pirates may ally or band together for Great Alliance. Their captain Kurohige or Blackbeard, Marshall D Teach, is one of the most interesting villains in One Piece. The theorist points out how the Gomu Gomu no Mi and Yami Yami are very similar in appearance. All the work I've been doing has really taken a toll on this blog. Cookies help us deliver our Services. In this theory of One Piece Wano arc ending. Like when he uses the Yami-Yami no Mi then it's actually Xebexs personality/soul showing and when the Gura-Gura no mi is being used then it's blackbeard showing. He stole the first one from Thatch and the other from Whitebeard; these are just two of the many bad things that he's done so far. Their captain Kurohige or Blackbeard, Marshall D Teach, is one of the most interesting villains in One Piece. Today at 3:00 AM. He kept a low profile and had a bounty of 0. Now let’s take a look at my actual theory. I don’t think much of an introduction is needed regarding the blackbeard pirates. Thanks for cleaning up the majority of that, the timings are definitely off in my head on his fight with Shanks and I forgot about the 0 bounty honestly. Today we are back with a new theory about Kuzan and Blackbeard. Tatch says he doesn't know and Teach says he knows then says he was joking. Both of these news really made everyone couldn't believe what was happening. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. God Berha 04/15/16 . Well, interestingly there are 3 characters named after the real Blackbeard Edward Teach: 1. Jesus Burgess was originally named Lapaix Jesus. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I’ve been a long time advocate that there are more Big Bads to clean up in One Piece than there is story left so what if Blackbeard isn’t actually as Big a Bad as expected? The author backs up their theory with Whitebeard telling Blackbeard that Roger is waiting for a different person. Marshal D. Teach “Blackbeard” 2. As for further evidence of cerberus power, there is … Just like obito for madara. Edward Newgate “Whitebeard” 3. Share 0 Comments. Kizaru's Devil Fruit Powers. And Luffy himself said he is no hero. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! RELATED: One Piece: 10 Strongest Pirates Under Blackbeard. Yet another Blackbeard Theory. A man who does not require much of an introduction. One Piece Section. Besides, I would consider both evil. Replies 22 Views 941. What if he was rox d. xebec? The “Good” Shanks Who Visited the Gorosei. One Piece Theory : Blackbeard is Rock's Son. One Piece Theory : Blackbeard is Rock's Son. Let’s start with his Jolly Roger (which looks like a Cerberus). Why should BB kill Thatch for the fruit instead of merging together with him or whatever?And he commited treason against WB anyway.. Marshall D. Teach was originally named Everything D. Teach. ↑ One Piece Manga and Anime — … I think Xebec’s lover was one of those slaves and Blackbeard, his son was possibly there. Knowing who the Rocks are they probably wanted some protection from the world’s strongest crew, who better than Garp. We would discuss Blackbeard's relationship with Red Hair Shanks and the Blackbeard Pirates devil fruit hunt agenda. There are certain beliefs that prior to obtaining these two, he has a Zoan-type fruit. January 6, 2020. For many years, there have been different versions of a theory, which claims that Sanji is a prince. Ok, so I saw a lot of people posted here theories about Blackbeard and his weird ability that allows him to have the power of 2 devil fruits and to absorb them. Anime, Comics, Manga. The latest One Piece manga chapter, chapter 957, has left a huge impression to all One Piece fans over the world and we can all say with certainty that it is one of the best written one piece … 2 Big Mom Comes To Wano One of the biggest predictions that the One Piece fans made prior to the beginning of the Wano Country arc was about Big Mom's eventual intervention in it. Luffy - its not he its them

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