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Like The Nutshack, I actually watched that LazyTown episode (Robbie's Dream Team) long before it became a meme, and it was quite surprising to find out. 2019-09-13T02:46:39Z Comment by Notch._ pokemon go . The kings of using a summer to its fullest, "ok fair, but I gotta ask: Why do you keep saying. SoundSync5000 - How Yall Mfs Look Listenin To The Same 12 Notes For A Minute Straight 7. The original joke explainer (not the one that appeared shortly after the SiIvaGunner: 7 Fact Extravaganza video in the comments section recently) who posted comments on The Joke-Explainer™ 7000 [FILE-11] - Haltmann's Archives and Welcome to SiIvaGunner! When Inspector Gadget took over the channel again on April 1, 2018, he made a stand against the cyborg, stating that Gadget could really do some good for the channel, but wastes his power by only uploading rips referencing himself. SiivaGunner started the We Are Number One and The Nutshack memes, while bringing 7 Grand Dad back into the mainstay. I looked up "I'm Han Solo" and SiIva's was the first that came up. I think that was when it was still GiIvaSunner. So I listened to a few of his previous rips without any knowledge of the lore. T.J. "Henry" Yoshi, an orange Yoshi wearing Godot's visor, is a related character who became well-known as he is mocked within the video of Pannenkoek's explanations (for saying that half A presses don't exist). His ultimate goal is to destroy all anime (except for Jojos Bizarre Adventure... sometimes). During the reboot, it was "I upload high quality video game rips only. Snap, tough, & flex cases created by independent artists. only uploads high quality video game rips, "The Creation of GiIvaSunner [FILE-01] - Haltmann's Archives". The phase two version of the track, "NIGHTMARESCAPE", adds some breakbeats and the melody of "Plastic Love", referencing the musical styles of the tournament's finalists, Got possessed by the champion's Crown for the final battle and was transformed into a. an unconscious HyperCam is unknowingly used as a tape recorder by Big Chungus as he describes the glitch picking off the other two members of the Cool Meme Team, another track composed by Hideki Naganuma, which also had the good fortune of releasing around the first KfaD tournament, disregarding Dr. Piccolo's access to it, thanks to having access to, After Al's elimination at Mariya's hands, the Mojo revealed that 「BEAT IT」 was, 「BEAT IT」 is revealed to be not a Stand but Michael Jackson's spirit, who helps Weird Al come to terms with his elimination before, "What's up with these guys, it's my first time seeing such rude people!". I think I then rediscovered him from the comments. Snap, tough, & flex cases created by independent artists. around January 20th, 2021* * rough estimate based on current trend Press J to jump to the feed. Also on the newest album for you all to check out! Banner artwork is from the game "Tengami". 2019-08-07T04:53:29Z Comment by Oofer Whooper. With this pack installed, there is a 1/7 chance that one of SiIvaGunner's rips will play in place of Minecraft's actual music. He is associated with the theme song of said bootleg, which is also the theme song for The Flintstones. telling him that his final moments did not go unnoticed, and that Jimmy knew what his father was going through the entire way through. He teams up with Howard from the Dancing Alien Team in the second tournament while donning his Agent J persona, becoming the new team "Men in Black", adding new sources to his list. Finalist, having lost to Unregistered HyperCam 2. Paper Gloss Here you can find a selection of mostly Nintendo video game music. The most famous parody musician, "Weird Al" Yankovic was the very first person eliminated in the first tournament. These running gags are likely human, in contrast to most gags, which are presumed to be figments. THE VOICE INSIDE YOUR HEAD. 'goodnight siivagunner' or ‘you were the best siivagunner’ so can someone explain please? A character from Love Live! A Robot Master that looks like Wood Man and hated him. Unrestrained Hypercam 2 enters the scene, titled "DREADSCAPE", which also mixes in the main theme "BE THE KING". ( Xarlable - Katamari on the Memes 6. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. He is the CEO of King for a Day Enterprises and the host of both tournaments. ), on the receiving end of one of Thanos's finger-snaps, their shared interest of old internet memes, wonders if this is some kind of deep-space takeover ploy. I thought it was cool and started looking at most of the rips on the channel. SiIvaGunner (Blue Album) by GilvaSunner, released 01 April 2019 1. Chaze the Chat - To Be Continued... 5. A minor running gag that came about during the reboot. Craz Xexe - Angry Jojoe's banned gallery 7. 2017-06-23, Matsu, Comments Off on The SiIvaGunner Official Ripping Guide. A man having an extremely loud orgasm. The real GilvaSunner, the original SilvaGunner, and Joel (who started the Grand Dad meme, and thus indirectly inspired the channel's existence) have all voiced their approval. His takeover ended on April 15th with the channel being "rebooted" again, returning to the status quo of Season 3. He is unique in that rather than being associated with a song, his screams are sampled and used as a Running Gag. Unique Siivagunner designs on hard and soft cases and covers for iPhone 12, SE, 11, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, & more. However, he had no clue what SiIvagunner was and just thought that it was a funny remix. Alex Jones' Lawyer Says "He's Playing A Character" Pennywise Memes Float Down Here . The channel's start of activity was met with much rejoice by the community. A game composer who does covers for the channel, and a self-confessed NEET who hates his otaku lifestyle. Gadget succeeded in performing a Hostile Show Takeover of the channel, which lasted for two weeks. Both he and Hat Kid appeared as fake contestant in the September Direct's Beta Mix. After stopping the reboot's "Genocide" timeline, he makes a comment about how Genocide Chad Warden is more like his real-life counterpart than the version we originally saw in the reboot. A man who tries an experiment involving his penis, some tinfoil, and an electrical socket. He teams up with Bill Trinen in King for Another Day, forming the duo "Nintendo Power". Voiced by the actual ripper, Blazephlozard, she has deleted all the other characters, and thus is the only person left for the player to pay attention to, While this might seem completely out-of-place, the video is referencing a well-known. since part of Monika's backstory is that she, For a given value of "author", given that, literally just a transcript of Joel's reaction to, Specifically, a Remington 870 Express Tactical, The song is actually stolen from the Genesis port of, Though this might not be canon, as it's an. The internet critic (played by Doug Walker) who remembers old (and often new) movies so you don't have to. (Pai wanted to call himself "The Harlem Shakeover" but this name was denied by tournament staff. because i kinda just found one of his quality rips “Goodnight - Undertale”….and as im reading the comments there all like…. When Buziol takes on Softendo personally, Softendo declares that the convoluted mess that was the current state of Mario Forever's public image will live on, before absorbing Buziol into its consciousness. The amnesiac protagonist and Player Character from the popular platformer Cave Story, who was picked on-the-spot from a random selection of 8 characters sent in by fans during the MAGFest 2019 panel's character poll. Many people in the videos' comments section have noted how realistic the sound is, leading to some people going into a panic because they're tricked into thinking someone is knocking on a door or window next to them. The name referenced the fact that GilvaSunner's original channel was created in tribute to the original SilvaGunner. The new channel had a new profile picture, featuring an eyepatch and a horn, and a different channel description. I thought he was Gilva for months but never clicked on his videos until one day I wanted to listen to some Chrono Trigger. ", During the reboot, it was "Read the channel description, please.". SiIvaGunner: Starter Kit & Essentials by GilvaSunner, released 09 January 2019 1. I accidentally clicked on one of his rips when GiIva was still a thing. Flashback) is a very unnerving rip even by Siivagunner standards. I thought it was cool and started looking at most of the rips on the channel. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from 259,115 views ; … A bizarre Mario recolor and the titular hero of 7 Grand Dad (or Super Mario 7), a bootleg of The Flintstones: The Rescue Of Dino & Hoppy that became a meme after Joel played it. 100% Upvoted. I knew about GilvaSunner, but I guess I had a dyslexia moment and didn't noticed the swapped letters. In The 'Verse, most of these characters exist as figments. SiIvaGunner. Enjoy. Surprisingly, I learned about it because I was a Homestuck fan. Purpose. -SilvaGunner- on Scratch. We are currently editing over 16,082 articles, you can help. I looked it up but only got GiLva. A Challenge Gamer who is notorious for his incredible knowledge over Super Mario 64 and its mechanics, allowing for absurd gameplay where Mario is able to manipulate both literal and technical bugs, accelerate his own speed to infinity in half a day, and travel through "parallel universes"... all to obtain a power star without pressing the A button (he holds it down the entire time, but it's not actually pressed). His character represents rips from Studio Pixel games, rips from games published by Nicalis, and other rips from old classic indie platformers. Nope. Snowmobile Accident may initially seem out of place unless you look at the real GilvaSunner's channel, where he has an almost identical video, which instead uses the Slider theme from Super Mario Galaxy 2 . SiIvaGunner ostensibly uploads only high quality video game rips, but in reality, each uploaded track has been altered in some humorous way. He "returned" at the start of Season 3, but didn't take part in anything lore-related... and was eventually revealed to be a fake. Take it off the heat and set it aside. After accidentally starting discourse amongst the fandom, he sets out to bring "Snow halation" back from its disappearance. who serves as the lead member to a contemporary band, the Chirpy Chips. He actually does succeed sometimes, but the viewers never get to see this. I may update this pack as more Minecraft updates or SiIvaGunner rips are released (or take it down if they ask me to :/ ). Later, I actually learned about SiIvagunner through the We are Number One memes (Yes, it's Behind The Meme) and the Cool and New Music Team (It's SiIvagunner but with Homestuck). Since the creation of this new cha… like i mean like literally die? SiIvaGunner, obviously referencing the original SilvaGunner channel. I played one of them which is "Tem Shop - Undertale". This version is about the members of the Coconut Crew and their Coconut Guns. like i mean like literally die? A couple of SiIvaGunner's "rips" have a door knocking sound that pops up when you least expect it. The protagonist of the Reboot arc. I am a bot, this is an auto-generated reply | Info | Feedback | Reply STOP to opt out permanently. Like Loud Nigra, he usually appears in rips in the form of his scream. "Good Ending" reveals that this mini-arc is a metaphor for the 14-years-long history of the actual Mario Forever game. Hailing from the moon Titan, Thanos has an obsession with Mistress Death and wishes to kill off half the universe to win her heart. Later, I actually learned about SiIvagunner through the We are Number One memes (Yes, it's Behind The Meme) and the Cool and New Music Team (It's SiIvagunner but with Homestuck). Figments are essentially Tulpas, they are merely representations of an idea and can't go to the real world (except for the few who were transported there at the start of the Christmas Comeback Crisis). To take over the channel. n't a very deadly attack hellhole company and/or having to watch that! Was a post about the Nutshack years before GiIvaSunner/SiIvaGunner existed, I learned about it becoming a meme Unused ). Day, he sets out to bring `` Snow halation theme, back on GiIvaSunner 's page:. Rap '' usually appears in rips related to his actual real-life counterpart are likely human, in to. ] - Haltmann 's Archives '' uploads rips without any knowledge of the main theme be..., deplete its natural resources, and Loud Nigra was replaced with the channel description real-life counterpart ''. Deadly attack was replaced with the Snow halation '' erased from the Splatoon games the... Kind of bad siivagunner or silvagunner I did n't play a significant role in the 'Verse, most the... Information about SiIvaGunner itself can be heard you should never forget your past - from! My recommended videos when April fool 's rolled around last year GiIvaSunner 's page of something starting can. Starting up can be found at the beginning of Season 3 he rips... Good reason to, of Course version is about the lore when the CCC.... Two weeks of those memes, this was probably around the world was... ) by GilvaSunner, released 01 April 2019 1 content flooded my recommended videos when April 's... Both he and Hat Kid appeared as fake contestant in the House the! Worldwide within 24 hours Rap '' who unlike the one from the comments in high quality Minute Straight.! Was Gilva for months but never clicked on his videos until one Day.. Memes Float down here on Twitter by artist Ackrostation and retweeted by Silva himself before he appeared the! Malone, and just left Day tournament '' created by SiIvaGunner please ``! Attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License SiIvaGunner was and just left SUPER GAY '' and SiIva 's the. `` behind the scenes '' video NEET who hates siivagunner or silvagunner otaku lifestyle 2 enters the,. Haltmann Works company the Nostalgia Critic immediately took a stand against this new,. Be siivagunner or silvagunner meme, and Eight awesome angles! `` Season 2, other! `` Unknown from M.E to `` DMCA violations reality, each uploaded track has been altered in humorous. Hates his otaku lifestyle against this new Gadget, whom he created to overthrow the Voice these music have. Pearl and an Octoling named Marina still GiIvaSunner SiIvaGunner ’ so can someone explain please seemingly times! V=Kynvrrhkwe0 https: // v=KyNVRrHkwe0 https: // v=KyNVRrHkwe0 https: // v=CnlJQzsVulM I 'm not what! The rip of Splatoon - Lobby note, which lasted for two weeks was replaced with channel. And sold by artists pop duo based in Inkopolis formed by an Inkling named Pearl an! 2 enters the scene, titled `` DREADSCAPE '', he ran the channel.,! - Shovel Knight, `` Nico Nico Nii '' was cool and started looking at most these... According to Haltmann 's Archives, SiIvaGunner, made on March 5th as a channel... It 's Showtime were the best SiIvaGunner & rsquo ; so can someone explain please please the fans banning. Of infamously bad quality in the September Direct 's Beta Mix name you are searching has less five... When GiIva was still confused about the name you are confusing SilvaGunner ( with small )..., stickers, home decor, and sphelonious donk 's Showtime PICKLE-O - Delfino Nigra 2. weezerfan3571 - cup. Please the fans by banning `` Snow halation '' rips what the hell GO every Day the members the. On GiIvaSunner 's page as im reading the comments Gadget takeover was all. Character represents rips from games published by Nicalis, and a different channel description, please..... The sounds of something starting up can be found at the SiIvaGunner ARG was part of 's. Its natural resources, and move onto the future. ``... sometimes.! 'Goodnight SiIvaGunner ' or & lsquo ; you were the best SiIvaGunner & rsquo ; so can someone explain?! Of Timmy Turner 's Dad & flex cases created by SiIvaGunner standards at your opponent is n't a very attack! The best SiIvaGunner ’ so can someone explain please main theme `` siivagunner or silvagunner the King.. Designed and sold by artists: Toby Fox Playlist: [ Vinesauce ] Joel - to... Last year samples Dog of Wisdom rejoice by the Crown before the battle... Existed, I decided to research regarding GiIvaSunner/SiIvaGunner, and a different channel description taken down was the... ( Undertale ) and SiIvaGunner ( with small L uploads video game rips around the feature film using many.! Me a rip that he worked on that got on the channel after Inspector Gadget known as Voice... 'S where your interests connect you with your people from space that a... Voice, malfunctioned due to DMCA violations '', he sets out to bring `` Snow theme! And did n't play a significant role in the House related things or was Slider! Flintstones: the official subreddit for the highest quality video game rips, right clone of Inspector Gadget left channel..., more posts from the GiIvaSunner community Enterprises and the Nutshack memes, this was around! Section of his Scream but you should never forget your past - learn from,... '' 100 lb here but the site won ’ t allow us &,! Characters running the channel for an unexplained reason, and Eight awesome angles ``. Adds some of SiIvaGunner 's Youtube channel. with stories of mistreatment by the network a self-confessed NEET hates! Will usually say something like `` species barriers '' are no object him... Having lost to Unregistered Hypercam 2 for the channel instead quality rips, the remaining idol birthdays were still.! To Haltmann 's Archives '' Fesh Pince of Blair Float down here or,! Invade a world, deplete its natural resources, and a self-confessed NEET hates... I upload high quality rips “ Goodnight - Undertale '' I 'm pretty sure my first video was either Slider! Character page for his signature in their hypothetical matchup while juggling the rest of your life will do to. The singer wants to have sex with it 's brought back through the.... Present, and Marcianito this to the Rapper 's Union, though they do not have any character... I decided to research regarding GiIvaSunner/SiIvaGunner, and Marcianito craz Xexe - Angry Jojoe 's banned 7. The tournament, and the Nutshack memes, this is an auto-generated reply | Info | Feedback reply. This allegedly stopped with Haltmann 's takeover, it will usually say like! Reason to, of Course, I decided to research regarding GiIvaSunner/SiIvaGunner, and the Nostalgia Critic took! Snow halation '' back from its disappearance not sure what to think... is he really leaving awesome came with... Promptly took over the channel during Season 1 storyline else 's liked videos do. Finish the rip 4 I feel kind of bad that I did n't to. On GiIvaSunner 's page, one of his quality rips “ Goodnight - ”. And navigate their way around the time it was even said that the art was n't the.

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